Military transport

1 679 vehicles

for Ukrainian Defence the thanks to your contributions!

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Serhiy Prytula

Serhiy Prytula



vehicle for

the Defence Forces

Gives our units an advantage in mobility and efficiency.

The ability

to destroy the enemy

on water and land

This ensures the safety of soldiers during missions, quick evacuation and change of deployment.

Types of vehicles

we purchase for the military:

Armoured tracked vehicles

129 FV armoured personnel carriers

Armoured wheeled vehicles

35 Land Rover Snatch

Buses, pick-up trucks, off-road vehicles

Military trucks, special vehicles

Trailers, tractors, cranes, etc.


195 units


Transport plays a crucial role in providing mobility, logistical support and combat effectiveness for military operations. It enables our military to move, regroup and respond quickly to different scenarios.

Armoured vehicles also play an important role in evacuating the wounded and providing timely medical care on the battlefield.
Fast and efficient transport can save lives, and some types of vehicles also help to rescue equipment from the battlefield and repair it on the spot.

Every day, the Foundation purchases and delivers vehicles to the military, as the need for them is constantly growing. The vehicles come under enemy fire and often break down due to harsh operating conditions. So let's not stop!

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Разовий внесок
Serhiy Prytula

Serhiy Prytula