Boryviter Center of excellence

18 131 trained cadets

within 11 training programs

Разовий внесок
Serhiy Prytula

Serhiy Prytula


Well trained defenders

The enemy's bigger, we should be more effective!

Needed equipment

The equipment has better chance to serve longer in well-trained hands!

A clear perspective of Victory!

An investment in training of UA military — an investment in UA victory!

Training programs

Boryviter conducts for military personel

Military Command and Planning

Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Aircraft-type UAVs


Military communication

Battle Control Systems

Topography and Land Navigation

Basic aviation course

Lessons Learned

About direction

Boryviter is a center of excellence that conducts free training for military personel who will soon be deployed to places of hostilities.

At the end of August 2022, the Foundation began cooperation with the Boryviter Center of Excellence. Together, we managed to scale up the school's training areas, double the number of cadets graduating each month, and launch new programmes. Today, the school employs 100+ instructors who train more than 1,000 servicemen in nine areas of training every month.

The cooperation between our Foundation and Boryviter means that the equipment we purchase will be used even more professionally and effectively.

Support the activities of the military school “Boryviter” in order to continue to help Ukrainian defenders receive qualified military training!

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Разовий внесок
Serhiy Prytula

Serhiy Prytula