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⚡️ Transfer money to purchase supplies for Ukrainian army


Military Aid ➡️

⚡️ Send armour, ammunition, first-aid kits, equipment for Ukrainian military. ⚡️ Apply for help for Ukrainian military


Humanitarian Aid ➡️

⚡️ Transport to Ukraine foodstuffs, medicines, clothes, kids wear, food for animals. ⚡️ Receive humanitarian aid


Hell Rides ➡️

⚡️ Chip in for purchasing cars or ATV for Ukrainian army





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Direct card transfer in UAH If the money transferred to this account returns back, try to transfer money inside Ukraine on the foundation's bank account


5168742063537207 Beneficiary : ПРИТУЛА С.Д. Account No : 26200681993072 IBAN : UA843052990000026200681993072 Beneficiary Bank: АТ КБ «ПРИВАТБАНК», КИЇВ, УКРАЇНА Beneficiary EDRPOU: 2975800618


🇺🇦 Money transfer inside Ukraine Privat24 CO Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation EDRPOU 43720363 Purpose of payment "Charity donation”


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SWIFT transfers from abroad


SWIFT in US dollars (USD) BENEFICIARY: PRYTULA SERHIY IBAN: UA673052990000026200681955548 ACCOUNT: 5168742060489527 Beneficiary bank: PRIVATBANK, 1D HRUSHEVSKOGO STR., KYIV, 01001, UKRAINE SWIFT CODE: PBANUA2X Correspondent bank: P MORGAN CHASE BANK SWIFT CODE: CHASUS33 Beneficiary bank’s account with Correspondent bank: 0011000080


SWIFT in euros (EUR) BENEFICIARY: PRYTULA SERHIY BAN: UA603052990000026202681911665 ACCOUNT: 5168742060489444 BANK OF BENEFICIARY: PRIVATBANK, 1D HRUSHEVSKOGO STR., KYIV, 01001, UKRAINE SWIFT CODE: PBANUA2X Correspondent bank: Commerzbank AG Frankfurt am Main Germany SWIFT CODE: COBADEFF Beneficiary bank’s account with Correspondent bank: acc No 400 8867004 01

Military Aid


Offer help


Ukraine military are in need of:

  • Bulletproof vests (at least class 4)
  • Helmets
  • Firs-aid kits
  • Sleeping bags
  • Thermal imagers
  • Night vision devices
  • Military ammunition
  • Walkie-talkies


Required medical supplies:

  • Tourniquets CAT or SOF (authentic, not Chinese replicas)
  • Israeli bandages OLAES
  • Occlusive plasters (Halo and analogues)
  • Decompression needls
  • Nasopharyngeal airways (size 28,30)
  • Intraosseous infusion systems FAST1 and their analogues
  • Soft Stretchers
  • Empty and filled medical backpacks 20-30 liters
  • Anti-burn hydrogel dressings and the gels in packages/bottles (burnjel, burntec)
  • Scissors for clothes
  • Thermal blankets

Please call us on our hotline before sending us anything. We will coordinate you in regards to our most critical needs, the delivery process and get you in touch with our warehouse coordinators:

You can send purchased items to our warehouses in Przemysl, Poland or in Lviv, Ukraine.

Please, mark the box with:

  • CO "Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation", Kyiv, 65 Honchara Str.

Request help


⚡️ With whom we collaborate?

We work directly with division commanders and provide assistance only in coordination with commanders of military units and divisions.

⚡️ With whom we do not collaborate?

We do not work with individual request for supplies from one military or relatives / friends / acquaintances for their nearest and dearest. We do not process the requests for help from civilians or military submitted in comments to messages or social networks. We do not deliver parcels, which you purchased, to a certain person in the military or specified military unit.

We kindly ask you for understanding attitude to situation

⚡️ How to submit a correct request?

Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territorial Defense Forces (apart from Kyiv) and military volunteer units should form their requests on the level of commanders (of companies, battalions, brigades)

Necessary requirements for the request:

  • indicate the number of a military unit, brigade, battalion (desirably on the special formsheet of a military unit);
  • the main body of the request is in free form;
  • stamp;
  • personal data of a military person, responsible for the requested property (name and surname, job title, ID);
  • if necessary, the person authorised to receive the property.

For Kyiv Territorial Defense Forces:

The headquarters of 112th brigade of Kyiv Territorial Defense Forces has appointed a person in every city district, responsible for communication with volunteer organisations. We kindly ask you to get the information about them from your commanders and submit lists of your needs directly to these people. They will submit further requests to us.

⚡️ How to turn to Serhiy Prytula Foundation for help?

We kindly ask you to submit joined requests on the level of battalion or higher. This will speed up the process.

Ми допомагаємо бойовим підрозділам відповідно до пріоритетності та наших можливостей. У першу тим, хто вже виконує бойові завдання у гарячих точках.

Якщо у нас є можливість закрити хоча б частину позицій з вашого запиту – ми з вами зв’яжемось. Це може відбутися не одразу, оскільки поставки зараз не прогнозовані.

Якщо у вас виникають запитання – звертайтесь на нашу гарячу лінію

Гаряча лінія: +380 733 104 070

Працює щодня 10:00-18:00

Who we are


Serhiy Prytula has been helping the Ukrainian Army as a private volunteer since Russia occupied Crimea and Donbas in 2014. At first, he helped with the uniforms, armor, and food supplies, later, when these needs started to be covered by the Ministry of Defense, he switched to high-tech technology, drones, and equipment for command posts.

In 2020, during the pandemic, Serhiy started the Charitable Foundation for non-military aid. Anna Hvozdiar became the Foundation director, while Serhiy continued to supply the Army as a private person.

The foundation purchased protective clothing, ventilators, and medicine for Ukrainian hospitals. Later it focused on educational and social initiatives for disabled people, orphans, and children with autism.

In February 2022, after Russia launched a full-scale invasion, the Foundation joined the Army supply movement, covering the needs of both the Armed Forces fighters and members of Territorial Defense units.

The Foundation opened its own logistic centers at the border with Poland and in Lviv for more effective cargo shipping from Europe to Ukraine.

The main office of the Foundation is in Kyiv, 65 Olesya Honchara Street.

The Foundation buys protective gear, optic devices, drones, medical supplies, and transport vehicles for the military. Another direction they work on is humanitarian aid.

All money raised in Foundation’s accounts adds up to the funds raised in other army volunteer accounts, as well as Serhiy Prytula’s Patreon and Paypal accounts.

All donations go to the Ukrainian Army needs procurement.

Thank you for joining our effort!

Glory to Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!


З ким ми працюємо?
З ким НЕ ми працюємо?
Як правильно сформувати запит?
Як звернутися до Фонду Сергія Притули по допомогу?
Чому мені не відповідають?
Чи реагуєте ви на коментарі під постами в офіційному телеграмі Сергія Притули?
На що ми витрачаємо гроші в першу чергу?
Чи приймаєте ви гуманітарну допомогу?
Ми знайшли де купити, чи може фонд профінансувати закупівлю?
Як перевірити, чи це не шахраї пишуть мені від імені фонду Притули?
Ми купимо, а ви заберіть з Варшави/Кракова/Чернівців чи інших міст.
Ми у Варшаві/Кракові/Чернівцях, чи знаєте якихось перевірених волонтерів звідси?
Гроші у нас є, але нам треба юридична особа в Україні, з якої заплатити. Можемо зробити це з юридичної особи фонду?
Гроші у нас є, але нам треба юридична особа за кордоном, з якої заплатити. Можемо заплатити через юрособу свого фонду?
Я хочу відправити поставку на якесь місто. Допоможіть мені із цим. Відправлю на ваші координаційні центри.
Я закинув/ла гроші на ваш фонд. Виконайте моє замовлення, будь ласка. Мені і моєму підрозділу потрібні речі за списком.
Як я можу відстежити свою поставку, яку відправляю на ваші логістичні центри на штаб?

Hotline🤙 +380 73 310 40 70 Працює щодня 10:00-18:00 — Партнерський колцентр Караван UA

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🇺🇦 Слава Україні!

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